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Printers Tray Shadow Box

This is a vintage wooden printer's drawer letterpress type set tray shadow box 16. It is in good condition with few used corners and there is some use from use but it is still very good. The cover is very good with some minor use. There is some light use to the side of the cover. The bottom of the box is still good with no damage. This is a good ecommerce item.

Wood Printer Tray Shadow Box

Shadow box wood printer tray there's no need to worry about space this large when you job in the wood printer tray! It's easy to place objects and it comes with a shadow box that can help you petty work with the wood printer.

Printer Trays Shadow Boxes

This amazing printer trays come with a shadow box to store your printers. The tray is made of heavy steel with a tough plastic cover. It is a great addition to your desk and makes your work space more secure. this set of four tray shadow boxes is from the type set tray shadow box rare type. It is in great condition and comes with the following: one basic type (b), one extra large type (e), two medium type (m), and two small type (s). Shadow box printers tray - 16. 5 shadow box printers tray this shadow box printers tray is a great way to. Best way to organize and station your shadow box printers is to. With the tray in this way, you'll be able to. This is a vintage printers tray shadow box. It is made of plastic and is about 15in high by 19in wide. The sides of the box have been Providing a level of order and perspective to your work area. The tray has been replaced by a Printers tray shadow box. The new tray has a more open feel to it and provides more room to work. The Shadows that fall on the papers are more pronounced and the box is more alive with the look and feel of the Paper.